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Once your software solution is online, like any other complex software product, your solution needs long-term maintenance, including regular enhancements, automated-regression testing, and upgrade deployments based on your customer's requirements. If you want to focus your energies on new business opportunities, you resourcefully delegate these responsibilities to an external organization.

netLogic offers a rapid and thorough solution. We have broad expertise in software applications, Internet and other middleware, and database technologies; superior skills in project management and execution; Our maintenance model consists of strong software engineering teams working both on-site and remotely. Our team consists of application experts who constantly upgrade their skills with new tools and leverage past experience to serve you better and faster. Once they have assessed your applications and determined what resources are required to support or enhance them, our professionals are onsite to assist you through the whole process.

Additionally, netLogic will measure results and monitor the quality of the process, from beginning through output. What's more, by involving netLogic as part of your support team, you'll make most of your personnel resources, and you will gain considerable savings through quick and thorough turnaround of testing bug fixes and software enhancements.

Your Benefit
Almost any approach to software maintenance that involves an external partner allows you to focus on your core competencies. But relying on our maintenance and technical expertise gives you an added plus. Not only are we highly skilled and thoroughly experienced in C, C++, Java, J2EE, XML, JDBC, ASP, Database Technologies, Network Management, Voice Recognition, VoIP, Wireless Technologies and Web Applications, our blended delivery model, which encompasses both on-site and remote expert teams, provides a cost-effective support network that works around the clock for rapid issue resolution.

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