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Consumer Business

Engaging Customers to build relationship and values

The customer is king. The customer is always right. It has never been truer, and it's more critical than ever in today's 'right here, right now' retail environment.

Customers today expect an omni-channel experience where shopping is fast, easy, and consistent across in-store, online and mobile channels. Ensuring consistency across these channels-not to mention accommodating multiple time zones, addressing country-specific regulations and customs, and overcoming local supply issues-is a daunting feat.

New location- and context-aware mobile technology is putting highly relevant and effective retail offers literally in the hands of customers, driving sales, margin, and customer loyalty. Providing the advanced environment to enable and support such personalized interaction - securely - is where netLogic steps in.

netLogic is working with top retailers around the globe to deliver engaging brand experiences. Our analytics expertise helps stores harness vast amounts of data to reveal patterns and deliver more relevant promotions, both in-store and online. Our POS support, retail application development, and IT infrastructure expertise ensures that stores work efficiently and effectively. And our focus on empowering your employees and customers, security, and retail best practices ensures the rest of the business can keep up.

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