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Enabling a Mobile Workforce

Enabling a Mobile Workforce

It's not rocket science
Let's face it: Enabling your mobile workforce isn't a futuristic technology plan. With the rapid growth of mobile devices (and the range of applications that can be built on them), workforce mobility is moving from being a perk to an expectation and very soon a requirement. To remain competitive, organizations both big and small will need to support a fully functional global, mobile and remote workforce.

Yes! Your organization needs to go mobile
Your workers aren't glued to their desks and to the main office anymore. And they shouldn't have to be in order to be productive. Enterprise mobile applications can allow field workers, telecommuters, off-site and multi-site workers to support and execute business processes, increase productivity, reduce cost and enable them to respond quickly to business needs. Location doesn't matter but accessibility does.

No two mobile strategies are the same
There is no one size fits all mobile solution for your organization. Not only are mobile solutions specific to your industry, they are specific to your business processes, company culture, service/solution delivery, employee expectations, and every other unique quality that makes your business work. All these things have to be factored into developing a mobile strategy that will WORK for you.

Let's get started
At netLogic, we offer you the opportunity to get started developing your mobile strategy by participating in an envisioning engagement. Our team of experts will sit down with your IT and business leaders and learn about your business, your needs and goals. Over the course of 10 days we will work to develop and deliver a "Ready for Mobile Assessment" presentation, which will include:

  • Mobile worker application business/feature documentation.
  • Mobile worker application architectural overview documentation.
  • Mobile worker user experience proof-of-concept wireframe.
  • A summary of findings, recommendations, and next steps.
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