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Communications enterprises lead the way

Operators in the telecommunications sector have been the tip of the innovation spear for the past two decades. From increasing the speed of data transfer to smartphones to supporting mobile payments, no one in telecommunications has driven change and innovation more than operators. In response, businesses have remade themselves, and entire industries have been transformed.

Successful banks are re-inventing their business models and approach. Disruptive trends such as mobility and social business are spreading throughout banking, changing the way employees and customers interact. There is a push to swap capital expenditures for operating expenditures, making technologies like the cloud appealing. And security across all channels remains a priority. The magic mix has not yet emerged, but what is clear is that financial institutions are being forced to constantly innovate to remain competitive.

But with the new playing fields, come new demands. To continue to answer their call to leadership, communications enterprises seek technology and strategy direction that supports intelligent innovation.

And the pace of change is dizzying. Technology is more convergent and disruptive. The world is now digital. Security is paramount. On top of this, the business of communications has changed. Voice revenues continue their free fall. Consumers are showing less and less loyalty. Competitors are delivering over-the-top (OTT) content, picking off the most lucrative revenue. Communications enterprises are forced to aggressively manage the costs of their massive network investments while at the same time pursue new business models, services, and revenues.

Challenges and opportunities abound

Operational agility: Whether you are an industry veteran burdened with legacy network infrastructure, or have rolled-out 4G capabilities, the challenge is the same-how to remain responsive to the market and support the most flexible and attractive services and bundled offerings. Leaders today must support an operating model that allows for flexible, reliable, scalable, and secure transport of these rich communications services.

Customer experience management (CEM): Customers today are not loyal, particularly to their network providers. To fight this battle, communications enterprises need to provide a platform that allows for better relationships with customers, both enterprise and consumer. As providers prepare their networks to support a digital world, they are also called to develop innovative CEM strategies that span channels and serve up the most appealing mix of services and content. If both the customer and the content are now the king, network providers must battle to reclaim the crown.

netLogic leads the way

netLogic helps communications enterprises provide new, innovative data, and voice services based on the latest technology standards. Our work with leading companies has helped them become faster, more nimble, and better able to place themselves at the center of providing real value-added services to consumers and clients. As network providers evolve to IP Multimedia Services (IMS) and software defined networks, netLogic helps them provide the value over that network, drive revenue, and create competitive differentiation.

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