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Data Management

In the new economy business success is measured in data and information. With advent of the web access to data and information has increased exponentially. With that increase, the question of how to best manage and harness all that information has become equally important.

At netLogic we offer you solutions and services to manage your data and information so that you can concentrate on executing and growing your business. We have professionals highly skilled and trained in designing solutions to manage your data and monitor your production environment and respond to your database needs 24x7. We have expertise in data mining, data modeling and query optimization. Our large staff gives you access to a broad range of experience and knowledge in Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, Informix, DB2 and Informatica technologies.

Web-based Data Management Systems
netLogic can help you change this. In fact, the process for deploying your new data management system is simple and straightforward:

  1. Database planning and design - We start by reviewing your current data management system, in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of how your business works, and to determine your exact needs. Once this is done, we prepare a database design that incorporates all of the information that your company needs to manage.
  2. Development - Next, we build a password-protected, web-based interface for searching, displaying, and managing your data. The development process typically takes a few weeks to several months, depending on the nature and volume of data.
  3. Testing and revisions - Once the data management system is in place, we make it available for testing. Everyone involved in the planning process is invited to participate in testing.
  4. Data import and launch - Once the new system has been approved, we import your existing data and provide your company with access to the system immediately thereafter, to ensure a seamless transition from your old database to the new one.
  5. Manage your data - Just select the type of information you want to add or edit, click on the record you want to manage, type your changes, and click the "Save" button. It's that simple.

Not sure if a web-based system is right for your organization? Consider the time and money that would be saved as a result of the following benefits:

  • Ease of use - View and update corporate records using simple web-based forms.
  • No software to purchase - Instead of having to buy a spreadsheet application or office suite for each user, you simply need a web browser. Many mobile phone browsers are compatible as well.
  • Limitless reporting options - Like any traditional database, records can be searched and sorted with ease. We can work with you to set up a reporting system that provides instant access to the information you need. Records can be viewed and printed from a browser, or even exported to a file.
  • Access data from virtually anywhere - With just a web browser and an Internet connection, your corporate information can be accessed from anywhere. No need to transfer files or purchase file-sharing software.
  • Enhanced security for sensitive information - We can go a step beyond password-protection by implementing SSL security as an additional means of protecting information such as Social Security and credit card numbers.
  • Export data into other applications - Our development team can create an export utility for your database management system, allowing you to extract information from your database and then import it into other applications, such as Excel, Quickbooks, Access, Outlook, or Act!.
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