NLS as an ace product and solutions development organization that designs and develops Data Analysis and Management Solutions for organizations to simplify and streamline the most complex, data-sensitive and time-intensive business processes.

We, at NLS have designed and architected a comprehensive suite of Business Analytics and Data Management products specifically to help organizations eliminate time and effort spent in manual data analysis and management.

With more solutions underway, NLS currently offers:


netMarts is a simple yet robust data warehouse solution that is designed to help business users in capturing and analyzing business data irrespective of your background or qualification in Business Analysis or Data Warehousing.


netAnalytics is a comprehensive suite of data analytics solutions that cater to all business roles and needs. Whether you need to analyze your financial statistics or sales data, netAnalytics facilitates your analysis with flexibility and ease.


netCTMS is a Clinical Trial Management Software that offers a centralized site for accurately and efficiently managing and tracking all your clinical trials data; accelerating research, improving reports, and maintaining ethical and regulatory compliance.

 netBuildPro 2.0

netBuildPro 2.0 is an Incident and Defect Management tool designed to be used by business organizations that have complex build management requirements that are not easily met by off-the-shelf tools.


netTDR is a Test Data Repository and a Test Automation and Management tool that offers a comprehensive set of attributes for design, generation, allocation, storage and management of test data. It is designed to eliminate frequent and time-intensive challenges in terms of data fluctuation, and consumption particularly in industries like financial, logistics and telco.


netEMM is an online web-based email marketing and a marketing automation tool that aims at simplifying the hassles and efforts involved in promoting a business organization to the intended potential customers or clients.

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