Swiftrak is an easy-to-use, configurable applicant tracking system and database, allowing users to store and track profiles, jobs, and workflows in a central location.

Swiftrak provides companies with an effective way to attract and engage passive candidates who may not be ready to apply for a job, but are interested in the employment brand. It brings passive candidates in through a fully-branded, mobile-optimized Social Connect Portal and communicate with them using swiftrak powerful recruitment marketing automation capabilities.

Swiftrak automates the transition of new recruits from candidates to productive new hires. During the transition, swiftrak will allow companies to fully showcase their employment brand and company culture, reduce paperwork, and manage tasks more efficiently, ultimately leading to improved HR productivity and employee engagement.

Features and Benefits:

Swift Applicant Tracking: Easily identify qualified candidates through software that allows elimination of paper processes, automate communications, manage workflow, and tap into social communities.

Effective Job Posting Portal: Circulate open jobs to career portals, social media sites, staffing partners, and third-party job boards with a click of a button.

Enhanced Employment Brand: Make your company stand out by incorporating videos on your career site, job descriptions, and in your email communications.

Reportable Recruitment Analytics: Monitor time to fill, EEO compliance, and more with robust reporting that can be tailored to your recruiting process.

Improve New Hire Engagement: Tailor each new hire's experience through a branded New Hire Onboarding Portal that allows for streamlined communication of company benefits and business objectives.

Increased New Hire Productivity: Give new employees the ability to hit the ground running on day one with the ability to complete paperwork online.

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