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Transportation players - airlines, airports, and air cargo players - are constantly poised to take off. They are also constantly facing turbulence. These industries are flying into the headwinds of the most complex mix of challenges since the first commercial airlines ran 100 years ago. Customer demand is in constant flux, fuel costs pose a persistent threat to the business, and technology innovation is forcing business leaders to regularly rethink their entire business models.

There may have been a day when slow and steady won the race in the Transportation industry, but those days are long gone. From forecasting to 'now-casting', long-term planning has been replaced by real-time visibility, big data and predictive analytics. Hardware upgrades and depreciated IT assets have been supplanted by SaaS solutions, virtualization and cloud computing. Ticket counters, call centers, and websites are giving way to mobile, social, and agile computing. The good news is that these complex mixes of challenges are being met by an ever-expanding array of technology solutions. Transportation executives are now called to lead the company through this IT-led innovation while maintaining on-ground efficiency, business stability, and marketplace competitiveness. Unisys works with executives-on the tarmac and in the boardroom-to ensure that their technology and operations meet the grueling demands of today's business climate.

Airlines operate in an environment with many moving parts. Some are controllable such as flight schedules, capacity, airfare, and crew and staff size. Other variables are not controllable, such as the weather, fuel prices, and economic instability. To navigate this complexity, airlines must establish highly reliable and intelligent airline systems. netLogic supports 10 of the today's top 25 global airlines with modern mission critical business solutions. We have engineered the worldwide systems for over 200 airlines, and each day our systems check-in over 25% of the world's passengers. We are in the business of helping airlines contain variability, increase differentiation, optimize operational excellence and improve passenger centricity.

Airports today are so much more than an arrival and departure location for planes. They are mini-cities, and home to massive retail attractions, large parking operations, and big business. And yes, airports also serve as the hub of the world's transportation system, carrying over 2 million passengers daily just in the U.S. Unisys serves over 100 airports around the world helping them to boost revenue, reduce cost of operations and improve decision making through a unified view of operations and intelligent tools.

Air Cargo is essential for global trade, and an important contributor to the profitability of the airlines business. Cargo players are looking to tech-driven efficiencies to solidify their stability and growth, and the challenges can be daunting. We should know - about 25% of the world's air cargo shipments are processed by Unisys solutions. From booking to handling, from warehouse management to tracking and tracing, and from revenue management to revenue accounting, Unisys combines our industry experience and know-how with integrated business solutions to help air cargo organizations achieve high performance.

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