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netMarts is a data warehouse solution for small and medium business enterprises to capture the relevant and important statistical data from ERP and CRM and to get insights they need to run their businesses more efficiently.

netMarts is designed to help business users in capturing and analyzing business data irrespective of their background or qualification in Business Analysis or Data Warehousing.

netMarts specialty is its ease of implementation. This allows business users to set up this comprehensive efficient business intelligence and analysis solution in a few weeks while helping it to lower the time, effort and cost associated with such an implementation.

Key Features:
  1. ERP and application specific
  2. Ease of implementation in a few weeks
  3. Pre-packaged and flexible
  4. Nation and business independent
  5. Scalable depending on the size of the business enterprise
  6. Reliable and self-serving
  7. Ease of use by any business users independent of their background in Business Analysis, Data Modeling, SAP R/3, ABAP/4 or Data Warehousing
  8. Support for SAP HANA, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle as target databases and is integrated with and optimized for SAP BusinessObjects 4.0

netMarts offer pre-built data integration, database schemas and semantic layers that reduce the costs and complexities associated with creating and deploying data marts for business user queries, reporting and analysis. The packages help gain visibility and insights needed to better manage revenues, margins and liquidity.

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