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Public Sector

Public Sector

Public Sector organizations today are faced with multiple challenges, simultaneously, and from all directions. There is an expectation that they must be innovative in their approach to services. They are being asked to meet the growing demand for services, and deliver them in a manner most convenient to the citizen. At the same time, mandated cost savings translates into shrinking IT budgets. There is constant pressure on governments to do more with less, faster, and more securely.

netLogic sits at the center of many mission critical needs of public sector organizations around the world. We develop and support the complex solutions that provide critical services to governments, their agencies, and their citizens, including:
  • Health & Human Services: Unisys delivers innovative approaches to child welfare and benefit eligibility through the series of agencies that we call our clients. Unisys innovates best practices, process, and technologies to public sector organizations to improve services, reduce costs, and empower citizens through technology.
  • Public Safety & Justice: Unisys has implemented large, complex multi-agency multi-jurisdictional public safety and justice solutions that require innovative thinking and a high level of accuracy and integration.

Managed Services & Outsourcing

netLogic Managed Services enables government agencies across the globe to keep pace with technology change and end-user demands. We take a people computing approach to analyzing and evaluating business processes. We are experts at devising specific solutions for categories of end users that proactively avoid issues and efficiently resolve open issues. The results include reduced downtime for end users, improved business processes, and increased results for the agency and the citizen. Unisys works with leading public sector agencies around the globe to measure and monitor and improve end user productivity, and provide the right integrated solutions to maximize efficiency agency and the public.

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